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    Macie's Story An adoptive family and their daughter's Birth Mother, Summer, share their adoption journey. Baby Macie was born in December at Parker Adventist Hospital supported (served) by the Family to Family Adoption Support Program. With their adoption agency, Hope's Promise, these 2 families share the adoption plan for Baby Macie and how their lives were brought together by the mutual love for this baby girl.


    Morre Dean, Parker Adventist Hospital's CEO The Family to Family Adoption Support Program started at Parker Adventist Hospital in 2005. Morre Dean, CEO of the hospital, joins Rebecca to discuss the importance of this ground-breaking program in serving the unique family.

    Adoption Perspectives

    We believe in the love and caring of families who adopt children, and we believe in the generous hearts and enormous love of parents who decide it is best to place their baby for adoption.

    It is our goal to make sure that the experience for both families is sensitive and caring, combining expert medical care with the utmost compassion and sensitivity. As the only hospital in Colorado offering classes to adoptive parents and support during adoption placements in our The BirthPlace Delivery Unit, our goals include:

    • Providing classes to adoptive parents in the process of adoption or those that have added to their family via adoption.
    • Maybe We'll Adopt Classes for those considering Adoption.
    • Supporting families and staff in our BirthPlace during deliveries and placements.
    • Providing clear communication between agency social workers and staff members, as well as emotional support for both potential-adoptive parents and patients.
    • Encouraging and facilitating our staff's education regarding infant adoption.
    • Empowering women considering the option of adoption.

    Download the brochure The Option of Adoption

    *Parker Adventist Hospital is not an adoption agency and does not provide legal adoption advice or services.

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