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    Colon cancer still robbing lives

    Simple test can reduce risk by more than half

    NINE OUT OF 10 CASES of colorectal cancer — also known as colon cancer, rectal cancer, or bowel cancer — are found in people age 50 and older, according to the American Cancer Society. However, colon cancer can affect anyone. Kim Harris started having problems with bloating and going to the bathroom when she was 48. “I knew something wasn’t right,”Harris says". Read more

    A colonoscopy is the single most effective way to screen for colon cancer and is recommended for all adults starting at age 50 or who have been identified as having and increased risk of developing colon cancer.

    At Parker Adventist Hospital we understand that colonoscopy screenings can feel intimidating, so we take great care to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure.  With state-of-the-art screening technology, highly trained staff, and a commitment to early detection of colon cancer, you can feel confident in our care.

    Are you uninsured and need a colonoscopy?

    Parker Adventist Hospital is pleased to provide a fixed price colonoscopy for those who are uninsured. Learn more and determine if you qualify.

    To schedule your colonoscopy or for additional information, please call 303-269-4185.

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