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  • The BirthPlace, Parker Adventist Hospital Breastfeeding is a joyful and satisfying experience for most mothers and babies.  Studies show that breastmilk provides the best nutrition for your infant's growth and development as well as extremely valuable health benefits for both mother and baby. Most health care professionals, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, state that breastfeeding is the preferred method of feeding an infant.  Although breastfeeding is a natural process, sometimes it doesn't always come naturally. Our nurses and board-certified lactation consultants at The BirthPlace are here to help moms overcome the potential challenges and fears that may come with breastfeeding. The BirthPlace team will provide you and your family with the important information needed to make an informed decision on the feeding plan for your baby. 

    The BirthPlace has International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) available seven days a week.  IBCLC's have advanced training in breastfeeding support and education. Our lactation consultants help mothers and families initiate and maintain breastfeeding, overcome obstacles and provide emotional and educational support to prevent early weaning and enhance maternal satisfaction.

    Breastfeeding Support at The BirthPlace

    The BirthPlace has International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) available seven days a week. IBCLC’s have advanced training in breastfeeding support and education. All breastfeeding mothers are seen by a lactation consultant during their stay at The BirthPlace, to help mothers and families initiate and maintain breastfeeding.

    The BirthPlace is a milk depot for the Mothers' Milk Bank of Denver. Through this partnership we offer human donor milk to all NICU and healthy term infants requiring breastmilk supplementation. Parker Adventist Hospital was also awarded the Colorado Can Do 5! Breastfeeding Excellence Starts Today (B.E.S.T.) award.

    For more breastfeeding support, download a copy of The BirthPlace breastfeeding guide.

    View our additional breastfeeding information:

    Parker Adventist Hospital was awarded the Colorado Can Do 5! Breastfeeding Excellence Starts Today (BEST) award. Parker Hospital has policies for the Can Do 5 program, which demonstrates a culture that supports breastfeeding. 

    These initiatives are:

    1. Helping mothers initiate breastfeeding within one hour of life
    2. Infant only fed breast milk or human donor milk in the hospital unless medically indicated
    3. Mothers and infants remain together 24 hours a day
    4. Breastfeeding infants do not use a pacifier or artificial nipple
    5. Mothers are given hospital contact numbers to receive breastfeeding support after discharge
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