• Joint Testimonials

  • Deb Laudner
    I don't think anyone decides to have knee replacement surgery until they dread every step. My pain not only affected me, but also affected my family and friends because we could no longer enjoy activities we used to do together. After speaking with my physician, Dr. Johnson, about joint replacement surgery and the possibility of returning to the activities I loved, I started looking forward to living again. Because of my knee replacement, I am able to garden again go to places like Sea World, and take 3 mile hikes!  I cannot say enough about the excellent nursing staff, occupational and physical therapists, or the dozens of others who worked with me before, during and after my surgeries. The knee replacement class I attended completely prepared me for what lie ahead and Dr. Johnson's approach to pain management was phenomenal. It is comforting to know we have such an excellent hospital so close to home.  Thank you, for giving me my life back!


    Jan Brown
    I suffered from osteoarthritis pain for many years before pursuing surgery because I kept hoping the problem would eventually get better. I finally decided to seek the help of Dr. Johnson after the pain became severe enought to make me give up on my position as a docent at a local art museum because I could no longer walk or climb stairs. After having both of my knees replaced, I am pain free and back to doing the activities I love. Not only am I able to lead museum tours, go to the gym, take long walks and swim again, I have also lost 35 pounds due to the increased mobility I gained from the procedure! I cannot say enough about my physician, his post-surgery pain control plan, or Parker Adventist Hospital. Dr. Johnson is such a caring and wonderful person who explained everything I needed to know about the procedure, and the post-operative physical therapy he recommended was worth every minute of my time. The hospital is top-notch, and the staff is wonderful! My advice is to not put surgery off as long as I did. I could have been healthier and enjoying life years ago!


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