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Critical Care Unit at Parker Adventist Hospital

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Parker Adventist Hospital offers a Critical Care Unit that features the latest advances in healing and safety technologies, as well as an environment of comfort and where needs are met.

 Cardiac Care Unit in Parker, Colorado

Our Critical Care Unit was built with the commitment to:

  • Create a healing environment
  • Enhance patient care efficiency
  • Promote safety and security
  • Incorporate innovative and creative design features

With innovative designs and features, our team of physicians benefit in providing excellent care to our patients. Each patient room contains alcoves so that our physicians are able to monitor critical care patients, dialysis capability to enhance infection prevention and immediate access to clinical support and rapid response in case of an emergency.


We have created a Critical Care and Surgical Unit that improves, innovates, builds and most importantly heals.


Critical Care Unit features include:

  • 16 beds
  • Integrated patient call system
  • Internal waiting rooms and physician consult roomCardiac Care Unit in Parker, Colorado
  • Direct access to surgical suites
  • Family consult areas

Surgical Unit features include:

  • 14 beds
  • MP-30 Philips Monitors in every room
  • Four rooms dedicated to the care needs of the bariatric patient population
  • Integrated physician consult room
  • Integrated patient call system

Patient Rooms

Our patient rooms were designed with patient comfort in mind. Each room provides scenic views of nature and therapeutic artwork. The patient rooms feature a portable lift system to assist patients and rehab caregivers. We understand the importance of loved ones and the effect they have on the healing process and have included a designated family space in each patient room so that family members can be a part of the care of the patient.


Family Waiting Room

The Critical Care Unit's family waiting room provides family members with a place to shower, have a snack or to have a moment to themselves. We also provide family members access cards so that they can come and go as they please.Care for families of patients at Parker Adventist Hospital



We integrated relaxing spaces called Sanctuaries so that patients would have a place to seek comfort and reflection. Our sanctuaries feature calming and soothing colors, and an acoustical wall for sound dampening.


ICU Main: 303-269-2200
Surgical Unit Main: 303-269-2210

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