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Breast Cancer Support Groups and Counseling

Breast Cancer Support Services:

  • Parker Adventist Hospital Support Group: This group is open to any woman at any stage of her breast cancer journey. The Breast Cancer Support Group provides emotional and social support for people who have had or currently have breast cancer. The group provides a forum where participants can gain insight on coping, resilience, surviving and triumphing in spite of adversity. Each meeting allows for personal/group time as well as time for medical expert guest speakers.  The group meets monthly on the third Tuesday from  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Parker Adventist Hospital Conference Rooms. The support group meetings are FREE and lunch is provided. All attendees are welcome regardless of whether or not you were treated at Parket Adventist Hospital. Please call 303-269-4150 for more details.Breast Cancer Support and Counseling at Parker Hospital, Colorado
  • Breast Nurse Navigation: See Patient Navigation below.

Individual and Family Counseling: 

  • Individual/Family/Partner/Friend Education and Emotional Guidance: This offering is one- on- one with the Breast Care Nurse Navigator.  Appointments are preferred, but not necessary.  Please call Jane for an appointment at 303 269 4155 or stop in Trio Breast Center at Parker Adventist Hospital.

Patient Navigation:

  • Breast Cancer:  The Nurse Navigator will be available to assist each patient through the process of biopsy, diagnosis, physician appointments, surgery and survivorship.  Jane is a resource to assist patients/family with navigating the many steps of the cancer journey and beyond.  This a free service to patients.  For more information, call Jane at 303-269-4155.

Genetic Counseling:

  • Hereditary Cancer Clinic: At the Hereditary Cancer Clinic, a genetic counselor performs cancer and genetic risk assessments and counsels individuals and families about their chances for having an inherited condition in their family as well as the cancer risks to other family members.  The genetic counselor also coordinates gene testing, if warranted and helps patients adapt  and cope with the implications of their genetic test results.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call Melissa Gilstrap, MS, CGC at 303-765-3923.


For more information contact Jane Jachowicz, BSN, RN, CBPN-IC, Breast Program Coordinator at 303-269-4155. 


We are proud to offer oncology support services in the Denver area and the Littleton area.


You can register for our events online at registration information.


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