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Low Vision Therapy

At the Parker Adventist Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, we understand that vision loss can be frustrating and debilitating and can diminish a person's quality of life. Blurred vision, field cuts and other vision deficits due to disease or aging can cause loss of independence. Our trained specialist evaluates each patient's needs and designs a program that helps to regain independence with a return to a more active lifestyle.


Our low-vision specialist helps patients by:

  • Recommending home modifications to encourage independence and safety
  • Educating patients and their caregivers in compensatory techniques to accommodate activities at home and in the community
  • Providing recommendations for low vision devices that improve the patient's ability to see and/or read functionally

Diagnoses that might benefit from low vision therapy include:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Vision deficits resulting from:
    • Neurological impairments
    • Changes with normal aging

To schedule an appointment, please call 303-269-4590

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