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Breast Patient Navigator

Parker Adventist Hospital is Setting the Standard for Excellence in Breast Care

By: Jane Jachowicz, BSN, RN, CBPN-IC - Certified Breast Patient Navigator

The Trio Breast Center at Parker Adventist Hospital is accredited through the American Collegeof Surgeons & The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). This recognition establishes and requires quality measures to ensure a full-range of medical services for all of our breast patients

The Trio Breast Center demonstrates the many standards that are leading the way in progressive breast care by providing “gold standard” practices for all of our patients such as: a multi-disciplinary team approach, ongoing monitoring and improvement processes for care quality, care focused on prevention, early detection, diagnosis, pre-treatment evaluation, staging, optimal rehabilitation, surveillance for recurrent disease, support services and end of life care.

The Trio Breast Center care team combines advanced imaging technologies for screening and diagnosis with the expertise of our on-site multidisciplinary breast care team. Our dedicated team of providers includes breast radiologists, breast patient navigator, hereditary geneticist, breast surgeons,medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. As a team, we work together to provide state-of-the-art care with an individualized approach; we tailor each aspect of our patients care to fit within their expectations, schedule, family and future plans.

Q: What are the services that Trio offers?

A: Screening Digital Mammography, Diagnostic Digital Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Breast MRI, PET/CT, Second Opinions for Mammogram and Ultrasound, Genetic Counseling, Breast Surgery, Oncology Services, Breast Cancer Support Services, Breast Reconstruction, and Breast Patient Navigation throughout your entire journey.

Q: What is a Breast Patient Navigator?

A: A Breast Patient Navigator is a medical professional who assists breast patients throughout their breast journey. From screening mammograms through survivorship, your navigator will be at your side.  At Parker Adventist Hospital, Jane Jachowicz, BSN, RN, CBPN-IC is a registered nurse as well as being certified in Breast Patient Navigation through the NCBC (National Consortium of Breast Centers). Jane is certified in both breast imaging and breast cancer navigation; and is one of only 14 other navigators within the state of CO that is certified in both.

Q: What roles does the navigator play in my journey?

A: The navigator has many roles as a breast patient navigator. The most important role for is providing education, support, resources, information and counseling to each breast patient. Whether you have questions about your screening mammogram or you have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, our navigator will be there for you and provide you with evidence based education. The journey of breast cancer can be overwhelming: our navigator will guide you through your journey, accompany you to physician appointments, and provide support for you and your family.

Q: What do I do if I feel a lump, have breast pain, any abnormal symptoms or have a family history of breast cancer?

A: See your primary care physician as soon as possible. Tell him/her in detail what you have been experiencing; a mammogram will then be ordered and further studies possible.

Q: How can I play an active role in my breast health?

A: All women and men, can be an active member in their breast health. The triad of proactive breast health is key. Monthly self breast exams, yearly clinical breast exams, and yearly mammograms for those over the age of 40 are recommended. Both women and men should begin self breast exams around age 20.  It is important to notify your health care provider of any issues that you may find. Talk to your family; finding out your family's health history can affect the screening that your primary care provider may ask of you. Take charge of your body and have check-ups on a regular basis.

Jane Jachowicz BSN, RN, CBPN-IC: 303-269-4155

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