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If You Are Experiencing Grief

It is important to know that you are not alone in your grief. You are not the only one who has experienced grief and your experience of grief is unique to you. These links offer some places to find help and resources about grief, including the loss of a child and differences on how men and women grieve.

  • Centura Bereavement Center -Centura's own center to help with individual grief as well work in a group setting through workshops and seminars and even aromatherapy. 

  • Heartlight Center - A local resource at Dartmouth and Parker Road, about 20 minutes north of the hospital.  This is a list of the current programs they offer.

  • Restored Hope/Macedog Foundation -This foundation and website were started when Suki Meyer of Parker lost her son to a car accident in 2004.  It offers local resources and contacts for those grieving in our community.

  • Rowan Tree Foundation - This Colorado-based website is focused on helping families heal after the loss of a precious child. It includes online forums and general reading.

  • A Place to Remember - Support materials and resources for those of us dealing with a loss.
  • Center for Loss and Life Transition  - This Fort Collins-based center offers help with people who grieve through workshops along with published material as well as training for those would like to become a bereavement caregiver.

  • Compassionate Friends - An online support group offering tools for those supporting family members after the loss of a child. Use the "Find Support - Local Chapter" to find which one of their thirteen Colorado chapters is nearest to you.

  • Hannah's Prayer - A Christian site providing information and links on dealing with infant loss and infertility.

  • MISS Foundation - A site full of resources including active local support groups in the Denver and Parker areas.

  • - This is "an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss" and includes email support groups and resources for kids and grief.

  • Resources for Men - Men and women grieve differently. These links will help fathers and men as they face the loss of a child. 

    • Men and Grief: How Fathers Survive Loss - How one mother and her husband learned to cope after the stillborn birth of their daughter. Article includes links to other resources & answers to questions about miscarriage and baby loss. 

    • Silent Grief - A message board spreading "a message of hope for the grieving heart," linked to the pages especially for fathers.

    •  Grief Helps- An organization that serves the grieving by offering information, encouragement, and inspiration through a variety of media.

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