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Keep Children Safe While Riding!

Children can suffer serious injury if they do not ride safely and under appropriate supervision. Before you send your child riding be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • A child must ALWAYS ride with a properly fitting, secured ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmet.  Children and young adults are at increased risk of head injury, especially as their brain fits more tightly into their skull. That 'snug fit' leaves less room for brain swelling in event of an injury, thus leaving them at greater risk for significant brain damage.
  • A child must NEVER ride alone!
  • NEVER ride while holding an infant!
  • Riding is not easy! A child must have the skills and instruction appropriate for the level of riding they are attempting.
  • NEVER force a child on a horse if they are afraid! If they are willing to ride, they need the muscle strength to hold a proper position in the saddle, neck muscles to support a helmet and the ability to focus and listen to instruction.
  • The horse should be good natured, calm and small enough for the child's foot to reach half-way down the side of the horse and the saddle must be sized to fit the child and horse correctly.
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