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Community Involvement

Our hospital considers it an honor to be a part of our community.  From health fairs to equestrian safety, we make it a priority to be involved and visible in the community.

The Cody Schmidt Fund was created by Dale and Sharon Schmidt who lost their 14-year-old son Cody to sudden cardiac arrest while in gym class at Chaparral High School in 2002. The Schmidt's believe an AED would have increased their son's chances of survival.

Parker Adventist Hospital is a strong supporter of the Schmidt's mission and has helped raise money to get AED's placed in several of the area schools. We would like to thank Douglas / Elbert Realtor Association for raising funds to purchase eight AED's, and most recently, Southlands Outdoor Shopping Center for helping raise $10,000 for six AED's. 

The AED device analyzes the heart's rhythm for any abnormalities and if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the victim. The defibrillators that will be placed in the schools are compact, portable units usually mounted on walls in unlocked cases. Each AED unit cost approximately $1,800 which includes training and batteries.

As a result of this community wide effort, the following schools and community facilities are equipped with these life-saving devices:

Parker Area 
Chaparral High School - 2 units 
Ponderosa High School - 2 units 
Sagewood Middle School - 1 unit 
Sierra Middle School - 1 unit 
Pine Lane Primary School - 1 unit
Cherokee Trail Elementary - 1 unit 
Pine Grove Elementary - 1 unit 
Core Knowledge Charter School - 1 unit 
Northeast Elementary - 1 unit 

Castle Rock Area 
Castle Rock High School - 2 units 
Castle Rock Middle School - 1 unit
 Castleview High School - 2 units
Highlands Ranch Area 
Highlands Ranch High School - 2 units
Mountain Vista High School - 2 units
Rock Canyon High School - 2 Units
ThunderRidge High School - 2 units 
Crest Hill Middle School - 1 unit 
Mountain Ridge Middle School - 1 unit 
Ranch View Middle School - 1 unit 
Rocky Heights Middle School - 1 unit 
Elizabeth Area Elizabeth Charter School - 1 unit 
Elizabeth Middle School - 1 unit 
Sing Hills Elementary School - 1 unit
Trinity Lutheran Church & School - 1 unit 
Kersy High School - 1 unit 
Kersy Middle School - 1 unit

*The Town of Parker purchased three units after hearing of Cody's story. They are now installed in Town Hall, O'Brien Pool and the Parker Recreation Center

Read more about the Cody Schmidt fund by clicking on the PDF below. To contribute, contact Sharon and Dale Schmidt, 303-841-3796 or Tracy Sherman at the Parker Fire Safety Foundation/Cody Schmidt Defibrillator Fund, 720-274-3717.

The Cody Schmidt Story
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