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Planning for a family is an exciting time. But before you start shopping for a crib and onesies, you need to focus on something far more important: your health and well-being.

The healthier a mother is at the time of conception, the better. And at Parker Adventist, we want to help you give your baby the best possible start.

Getting Healthy Before Pregnancy
Understand your overall health, including the importance of a pre-pregnancy physical exam, medical conditions that affect pregnancy, and medications to take or avoid now. Plus, Parker Hospital's professionals can help counsel you on your healthcare needs and any concerns related your family history and genetics before you conceive.

Nutrition and Weight
From folic acid to omega-3s and from sushi to caffeine, learn what you should and shouldn't be eating before pregnancy along with the latest research on how your weight before pregnancy affects the health of your baby.

Lifestyle Changes
Creating the healthiest home for your baby may mean making a few lifestyle adjustments. Learn what matters most.

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