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Adoption Perspectives Radio Show at Parker Adventist Hospital

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Adoption Perspectives, a weekly radio show sponsored by Parker Adventist Hospital, explores adoption from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to share the experience of adoption by hearing the voices of those involved in the actual process.  Hear from families, adoption professionals, social workers and therapists as to how adoption is practiced and how to support kids once they come home. 
Adoption Perspectives at Parker HospitalToday's adoptions look so different than they did in the past. It is often not just the child, the birth parents and the adoptive parents that are impacted by adoption; it is the birth grandparents, the birth aunts and uncles, birth siblings and adoptive siblings as well.
As the Adoption Liaison at Parker Adventist Hospital, Rebecca Vahle has seen the hearts of those involved in infant adoption during the most emotional time - the hospital experience. She has also talked to many in the adoption community and sees the need for sharing of information to be the key to successful parenting!  

Email Rebecca your ideas for future shows, feedback or questions about a perspective you heard on a past shows.

Listen each Saturday from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. to Adoption Perspectives on KLTT 670 AM.

Listen to more Adoption Perspective Radio Shows.

Jason Weber from Christian Alliance for Orphans


Jason Weber is the National Director of Foster Care Initiatives at Christian Alliance for Orphans. He along with his wife, Trisha, has always had a passion for vulnerable children. This is evident in his rich experiences as an author, speaker, and advocate for the orphan! Hear his family's experience with foster care and adoption, as well as information about the upcoming Orphan Summit being held in Chicago on May 1st and 2nd!

For more information, visit

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