• Preconception and Carrier Screening

  • Preconception Genetic Counseling and Carrier Screening are available for individuals who are planning pregnancy in the future or who are pregnant and wish to undergo screening for genetic disorders.

    Indications for preconception genetic counseling include:

    • Individuals at risk for genetic diseases, birth defects or miscarriages
    • Screening for common genetic disorders, like Cystic Fibrosis (carrier screening)
    • Maternal age 35 or older at the time of planned delivery
    • Multiple pregnancy losses (three or more miscarriages)
    • Previous child with a birth defect
    • Previous child born with a chromosomal alteration
    • Family history of mental retardation
    • Prior fetal/neonatal death or stillbirth
    • Individual is found to have a chromosomal alteration or is a translocation carrier

    For more information contact the Genetic Counseling Clinic.

    For appointments and referrals:

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