• After a Stroke

  • Positive outcomes for stroke patients depend not just on emergency intervention but also on comprehensive follow-up care. Parker Adventist Hospital's Stroke Program provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

    Parker Adventist Hospital's rehabilitation service combines physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy into one coordinated program. Beginning with a comprehensive evaluation, the Parker Adventist Hospital rehabilitation team develops customized treatment programs to help patients reach their highest level of function and independence.

    For those who have had more severe strokes, our neurological rehabilitation program includes:

    • Exercise training to improve strength, flexibility and coordination
    • Retraining muscles to reduce spasticity and regain function
    • Speech therapy to regain lost speech and comprehension, and improve communication skills
    • Swallowing training to learn how to safely eat and drink
    • Occupational therapy to practice personal activities of daily living and regain independence
    • Outpatient Rehab specializing in stroke
    • Home Health specializing in stroke
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