• Spine Surgery

  • Parker Adventist Hospital's spine and neurosurgery services team cares for patients with most types of routine to complex orthopaedic or neurologic disorders. Patients who receive early, aggressive and appropriate treatment's for their individual condition greatly increase their chance of successful outcomes and enjoy:

    • Improved quality of life
    • A more rapid return to daily activities such as work, family, school and leisure time
    • Improved productivity and reduced economic drain at work
    • Decreased disability and chronic pain
    • Decreased need for narcotics
    • Reduced number of inpatient hospital stays and utilization of the healthcare delivery system
    • Decreased duplication of services
    • Fewer incidents of unwarranted procedures and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
    • Increased satisfaction with healthcare providers

    Spine Surgery - Carrie's Story - Parker Adventist Hospital


    How do you bounce back from spinal surgery? Carrie chose to ride horses. It's hard to keep Carrie down; she proved that 15 years ago, recovering from a serious car accident. But over time, she began to experience extreme pain and numbness throughout her body. Soon, the bubbly, energetic Carrie was nowhere to be found. So she met with Dr. Scott Stanley, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Parker Adventist Hospital. He quickly discovered profound damage to her spine, and performed a highly specialized surgical procedure using stem cell technology. Today, Carrie is back in the saddle enjoying life, pain-free. That's why Parker Adventist Hospital is here.

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