• What Can I Expect At My Sleep Study?

  • Sleep study tests require an overnight stay in a private, beautifully-decorated room. You may bring your own sleep clothing, pillow and personal items for a comfortable stay. If you are being evaluated as part of a daytime study, meals will be provided.

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    Upon arriving at the Sleep Disorders Center at Parker Adventists Hospital, your technician will show you to your room, ask you some questions and explain the procedure. The technician will apply devices to monitor brain waves (EEG), respiratory flow and effort, oxygen levels, muscle tone, leg movements, snoring, heart rate (EKG) and eye movements. The sleep study is completely painless. Data is collected as you sleep and reviewed by a sleep physician. Results are also sent to your referring physician and a treatment plan is established on an individual basis.

    Sleep studies we perform at the Sleep Disorders Center:

    • Polysomnography (PSG) Split night Sleep study (PSG/CPAP in one night) – this is the most common study type
    • Full night CPAP titration
    • VPAP/ASV/AVAPA Titration
    • Oral Appliance Titration
    • Pediatric Sleep Studies, 6 years and up (Castle Rock only)
    • Home Sleep Apnea Tests (HST’s)

    Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment, 303-269-4188.

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