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  • Dr. Michael Gavigan - Da Vinci Hysterectomy


    Parker Adventist Hospital OB/GYN, Dr. Michael Gavigan, explains how the daVinci Si HD Surgical System is used for minimally invasive hysterectomies. Dr. Gavigan discusses the benefits of robotic surgery and who might be a candidate.

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    Robotic Spine Surgery KUSA


    Parker Hospital is the only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region to offer the Renaissance Guided Spine Surgery System. 9News ran a story on the robotic system which enables surgeons to provide more accurate minimally invasive spine surgeries, with less pain & a faster recovery. Hear how the surgery made a life changing difference for one patient.

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    Dr. Scott Stanley - Renaissance Mazor


    Parker Adventist Hospital spine surgeon, Dr. Scott Stanley, discusses how the Mazor Renaissance is providing laserlike precision to delicate back surgeries. Dr. Stanley explains how this new robot helps improve accuracy and reduce complications.

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    Dr. Geoff Ledgerwood - daVinci Prostatectomy Surgery


    Parker Adventist Hospital urologist, Dr. Geoff Ledgerwood explains how the daVinci Si HD Surgical System is used in radical prostatectomy surgery. Dr. Ledgerwood discusses how this robotic procedure is becoming the standard in prostatectomy surgery.

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    Dr. Thomas Brown - da Vinci


    Dr. Tom Brown talks about minimally invasive surgery techniques using the da Vinci surgery robot.

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