• Cognitive Therapy

  • Changes in thinking skills can affect the ability of a person to function in everyday life. Tasks such as preparing meals, driving, or managing finances and medications can become difficult. Functioning at work or school or in social situations can also become impaired.

    Causes for these changes may include strokes, brain tumors, brain infections, seizures, concussions, motor vehicle accidents, falls, dementia, medication side effects, or diseases such as Parkinson's or Multiple sclerosis.

    Those at risk for developing cognitive impairments may experience the following difficulties:

    • Concentrating or paying attention
    • Remembering things such as appointments, medications or conversations
    • Following directions
    • Recalling words
    • Getting lost or easily confused
    • Processing and integrating information at a normal speed, especially in stressful situations
    • Organizing and sequencing tasks
    • Managing more than one thing at a time
    • Making decisions 
    • Problem solving
    • Sensitivity to light, noise and distractions
    • Delayed response time while thinking, speaking, acting or reading
    • Staying on task and seeing projects through to completion

    The Centura Health Center for Therapy at Parker Adventist Hospital can provide cognitive retraining to persons of all ages to help improve their ability to think and function as independently as possible. Our skilled therapists provide a comprehensive cognitive evaluation and provide treatment that may include:

    • Speech, language and cognitive therapy
    • Driver retraining
    • Visual motor and perceptual therapy
    • Adaptations for self-care
    • Work simplification
    • Training in compensatory techniques
    • Community resources
    • Utilization of the BrainTrain® computer program

    Our speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists develop personalized programs to help meet each patient's goals and gain the confidence to be as independent as possible. 

    To schedule an appointment, please call 303-269-4590

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