• For Physicians

  • At the Genetic Counseling Clinic, we look forward to working with our physician colleagues to provide information and arrange for necessary genetic testing.

    If you are a physician needing to refer a patient to the Genetic Counseling Clinic, please complete the following:

    Completed forms should be faxed to 303-269-4964.  Your patient will be scheduled as soon as the Referral Form has been received.  NOTE:  Please fax any applicable health records along with your referral including: previous genetic test results, pathology reports, physical exam notes, etc.

    If you need to refer a patient for urgent genetic counseling and genetic testing, please fax the referral form above and make sure to check the “needs to be seen as soon as possible” box.

    If you have questions about whether or not genetic counseling is indicated for one of your patients, please feel free to call our genetic counselor directly at 303-269-4348.

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