• Pregnant? Where to Start

  • Making choices regarding your pregnancy can be confusing and scary. You have choices to consider and options to investigate. Adoption is one of those options. Parenting is another. Most people have some information about adoption and parenting, but it often comes from media stories or made-for-TV-movies. When facing unintended pregnancy, people can feel persuaded to make a decision based on their own personal experience, cultural background, race, religion, age, family dynamic, or presence or lack of support.

    In 2004, Parker Adventist Hospital founded the Family to Family Adoption Support Program to help women who are faced with unintended pregnancies. We start by providing you with confidential, compassionate, sound and neutral education around making a decision that is RIGHT for YOU. If you or someone you know is facing unintended pregnancy, please contact the Adoption Liaison to answer the question: “What should I do?”

    To schedule an appointment to discuss your options, please call Elizabeth Greenfield, RN at 303-269-4366.

    Some questions to consider:

    Regarding Parenting?

    • Am I ready to be a parent?
    • Am I prepared to personally and promptly parent?
    • Can I afford to be a parent now?
    • What would it mean for my future if I had a child now?
    • Is someone pressuring me to choose parenting?
    • Do I have people in my life who will help me through the pregnancy, delivery, and lifetime commitment of raising a child?
    • Is my lifestyle compatible with parenting?
    • Are my concerns about being a fit parent able to be solved promptly, or are they permanent issues?
    • Does my lifestyle pose a risk to my child?

    Regarding Adoption?

    • What do I know about adoption?
    • Is someone pressuring you to choose adoption?
    • Will I be able to cope with the feeling of loss that I may have?
    • Do I have people in my life who will support my adoption decision?
    • How do I feel about other women who choose to place their children for adoption?
    • How important is it to me what other people will think about my decision?

    Pre-natal care

    • According to the CDC, In order to have the best possible outcome for mother and child, early prenatal care is essential. No matter what your choice is concerning parenting or placing the infant for adoption, starting pre-natal care as early as possible is essential for your well-being.1
      • Adoption Sensitive OB’s
        • Who will care for you sensitively, appropriately, expertly, and will support the decision you make around the care of your child no matter what you chose?
        • Who take most insurance options, including Medicaid?

    1. Recommendations to Improve Preconception Health and Health Care --- United States

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