• For Those Making an Adoption Plan

  • If you have chosen to make an adoption plan for your child, are getting prenatal care with one of our Parker Adventist Hospital Providers, and are connected to and working with an Adoption Agency, you can begin enjoying the benefits our program offers all of our pregnant clients.

    • Private, complementary, and personal Childbirth education
      • By appointment with RN adoption liaison (Elizabeth Contact information)
    • Craft your birth plan and hospital time
      • Customizable per your wishes as discussed with your agency.
      • Respecting your type of adoption, and granting your specific wishes for your delivery day and recovery time.
      • Feeding plan: facilitating breastfeeding/providing your own breastmilk, access to donor breast milk, or choose formula feeding
      • Keepsakes and quality time: ample opportunity to spend time with newborn, share hospital time with adoptive family, keepsakes provided to both birth-parent and adoptive family
        • Forever Fingerprints Book (photo and Fingerprints Brochure)
        • Complimentary Photos of the newborn
        • Mementos and personal care items provided at your discretion
    • Accommodations for you, your support system, and for the adoptive family you choose
    • Entrustment Ceremony
    • On site Chaplain Services if requested
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