• For Intended Parents

  • We are also a caring and loving place for those pursuing a surrogate arrangement, and acknowledge the complexities and specific needs of these unique families that are not met in a typical hospital experience. You might have many questions surrounding the birth of your child(ren): Where will we stay in the hospital? Can our newborn stay with us? Can we be involved in the birth of our child? How do we ensure the staff in the birth center knows our unique situation? Does your hospital support our feeding plan? What if we have billing questions/concerns?

    We believe in the love and caring of ALL families no matter how unique their beginning, and we wish to create a most welcoming and supportive environment by:

    • Providing an on-site Adoption Liaison as a “point person” to help navigate the hospital time for families, support their wishes and decisions, communicate with their agencies, and assist with completing all paperwork.
    • Providing accommodations for intended parents, welcoming them onto our unit, and helping their transition to parenthood be as smooth, seamless, and as comfortable as possible.
    • Respecting the wishes of the Gestational Carrier and plans for delivery.
    • Encouraging and facilitating our staff's education regarding surrogacy, and sensitive care.
    • Providing a tour of the Birthplace to both the Gestational Carrier and Intended Parents, including pre-registration, formulation of a birth plan, and assistance with paperwork to best prepare for the hospital time.
    • Educating and empowering intended parents prior to the birth of their child. Please contact the Adoption Liaison to schedule a Baby-care class.

    Legal parentage orders can be faxed to 303-269-4383 or emailed to elizabethgreenfield@centura.org.

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