• For Adoptive Parents

  • We believe in the love and caring of families who adopt children, and we believe in the generous hearts and enormous love of parents who decide it is best to place their baby for adoption. It is our goal to make sure that the experience for both families is sensitive and caring, combining expert medical care with the utmost compassion and sensitivity. As the only hospital in Colorado offering classes to adoptive parents and support during adoption placements in our The BirthPlace Delivery Unit, our goals include:

    • Supporting families and staff in our BirthPlace during deliveries and placements.
    • Providing an on-site Adoption Liaison as a “point person” to help navigate the hospital time for families, support their wishes and decisions, communicate with their agencies, and assist with completing all paperwork.
    • Providing clear communication between agency social workers and staff members, as well as emotional support for both potential-adoptive parents and patients.
    • Facilitating arrangements and coordination of care for adoptive parents who are able to be present during the hospital time
    • Empowering and educating adoptive parents to be actively involved in the care of their newborn, making them feel comfortable, welcome, and supporting their unique needs.
    • Encouraging and facilitating our staff's education regarding infant adoption, and sensitive care.

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