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    Both my husband (who is a retired retina surgeon) and I felt compelled to write to thank you and your remarkable staff for my husband's extraordinary care during his recent, and unexpected stay at Parker Adventist Hospital. From the moment he arrived in the emergency room, we sensed a uniform atmosphere of genuine caring, which set it apart from our other hospital experiences.

    Your hospital provides a beautiful balance of exceptional medical care, spirituality, helpful technology, and positive healing energy. At no time was anyone too busy to stop to answer a question or chat for a minute, and always with a smile.

    The communication prior to, during, and immediately following surgery was both informative and reassuring. During surgery, Lem's children and I had the privilege of listening to Corelia Jacob, from your healing arts department, play the harp. Corelia's soothing music and beautiful smile relieved our tension. Worry gave way to a sense of calm and to healing thoughts.

    We cannot say enough about the nursing care Lem received on the second floor. His room was close to the nurse's station and every interchange we heard among the staff was respectful, positive and willing. Although everyone was attentive and available, we want to particularly thank Gail, Joe, and Loretta who made us feel as if Lem were their only patient. Loretta's warmth, gentle sense of humor, and attention to detail is a gift. Gail has the ability to anticipate patient's needs before they do and her expertise is reassuring. Joe was totally enthusiastic and upbeat and able to quickly assess and address each of Lem's medical needs. All three of these professionals made us feel like we were part of a team, and cheered Lem on , whether he was walking the hall, or eating his first meal.

    Lem's rapid recovery was no doubt, facilitated by the excellent care he received. Our gratitude extends to each person at Parker Adventist Hospital, who, without exception, demonstrated all of the qualities that create a caring, healing environment. Neither of us would ever want to be hospitalized anywhere else.
    Kathie and Lem Moorman
    Aurora, CO

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the most wonderful experience I had at your hospital and to compliment you on one of the finest health care facilities I have ever had the privilege to visit.

    .....on Monday morning, the pain had not gone away and I knew I needed help. My son had been in the emergency room at Parker Adventist Hospital a couple years before and my 7-year-old granddaughter had been there also. Both had received excellent care. Deep down inside, I realized I needed to go to a hospital that had all the equipment and the staff available to find out what was wrong with me and treat me. Something inside me told me that based on the positive experiences my family had at your hospital that this was where I needed to go. At the time I had no idea that this "little voice" was going to save my life.

    I arrived at Parker Hospital at about 10 a.m. and was taken right in and a complete examination was done and I saw a physician right away. No waiting and no hassle. The ER doctor on duty immediately drew blood and sent me for an ultrasound. I was treated like a VIP and every test was explained and I felt an incredible sense of peace and security. I just had the feeling I was in a well run and very competent hospital.

    About 10 minutes after I was brought back down from ultrasound, the most amazing thing I have ever seen occurred. The results of the ultrasound were not presented to me by a nurse or even the ER doctor but by a highly rated Board Certified Surgeon who your staff had called to meet with me.....never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that a hospital was so efficient, so competent and so well run that they could get the actual surgeon who would be doing the surgery on me to meet me right there in the emergency room.

    My recovery was expedited by the most wonderful and competent nurses I have ever met. They treated me like I was a VIP and explained everything to me.The food was outstanding and my wife could stay and eat with me at a very reasonable rate.

    I have dealt with hospitals for many years and was the claim manager for four different insurance companies prior to my retirement. I handled many claims and for several years did medical malpractice and defended hospitals. I have never seen one which was as outstanding and well runs as yours.

    While I was in your hospital and after I left, I asked myself what made it so special and what set your facility above all others. The answer came when I realized that I was not just a patient, I was a member of the team and that made me very involved in my own care and recovery. I was involved in the decision making process and that instilled in me a great deal of confidence and motivation to help myself get well.

    Again, thank you for taking such good care of me. Hopefully I will stay well for a while but if I ever need to go to the hospital you can be sure it will be yours.
    Steven Dishuck
    Castle Rock, CO


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