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    What to Seek in a Maternity Unit

    Touring hospitals can be one of the most exciting excursions during pregnancy. You'll want to find a beautiful birthing suite, a warm staff and perhaps options such as breastfeeding assistance. 

    But as you tour potential maternity units, be sure to look deeper at the technology and healthcare expertise that will be available in case something unexpected happens, advises Henry Galan, M.D., chief of maternal and fetal medicine at the University of Colorado at Denver Health Science Center and a perinatologist who cares for high-risk patients at Parker Adventist Hospital.

     "Ninety percent of pregnancies will be completely uneventful, but for those 10 percent who have issues-particularly for those unexpected events-parents need to plan ahead," he says.

    Here is a list of questions - along with answers for Parker Hospital - that you should ask on your tours:

    Do you have on-site 24/7 coverage by perinatal and neonatal specialists?

    Yes. Our round-the-clock, on-site coverage is provided by experts from The Children's Hospital.

    Do you have a high-level neonatal intensive care unit?
    Yes. Our NICU is a Level III staffed by The Children's Hospital neonatology staff and able to care for multiples and premature babies born at 28 weeks or later.

    Do you have 24 hour anesthesia coverage? 
    Yes. The BirthPlace has anesthesia coverage available 24/7.

    Do you have "natural childbirth" supplies? 
    Yes. We have a spa, birthing balls, squatting bars and fully adjustable birthing beds

    Can I stay in the same room for my delivery and afterwards?  
    Our rooms are made for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. However, in most instances, patients are moved from their labor & delivery room to a recovery & postpartum room within a few hours after giving birth.

    Do you have a nursery for my baby at night?  
    Yes. Our well-baby nursery is available to you at your request.

    Can my baby stay with me the entire hospital stay? 
    Yes. We encourage full time rooming-in for your baby.

    Do you have lactation support?  
    Yes. Our staff includes two certified lactation registered nurses.

    Can my spouse or support person stay with me? 
    Yes. All of our rooms have a pull-out sleeper sofa and recliner.  Only you set the limits for visitors.

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