• Peakview Cafe Going Green

  • Going Green - Peakview Café is doing its part!

    Next time you visit the Peakview Café, take notice of our latest renovation - we're "green!"  Keeping with Parker Adventist's commitment to be a responsible community member, Chef Dan Skay has implemented a recycling program and a variety of eco-friendly products that significantly reduce waste and help to preserve our environment.  

    The most noticeable change is the large blue recycle bins that are placed in the tray return area. Please use these bins for all empty plastic containers, bottles and cans. The bins are NOT for regular trash or food waste, so please help us by using the bins only for recyclable items.

    Along with the recycling program, all plastic and styrofoam products have been replaced with bio-based, compostable containers. Cups, grab and go's and disposable silverware are now made from Nature's Plastic, a corn based plastic product that may feel a little less sturdy, but is much friendlier to the environment. To cover the higher cost of these products, prices have been slightly raised - the first increase since the hospital's opening.

    "These new plastics are an amazing innovation and I feel good knowing that with this simple change, we're eliminating an incredible amount of harmful waste," says Chef Dan. "The small price increase is well worth the benefits."

    And Chef Dan is not stopping there. In addition to recycling all of the kitchen's cooking oils, he is working with local companies to start a clean food waste recycling program. He hopes to compost the hospital's clean food waste which can be used by the grounds crews and gardens in the Parker area.

    "As a concerned and responsible community member, it is our obligation to do our part to contribute to a clean and safe environment," says Chef Dan. "These have been relatively easy changes to make. I hope that our associates and customers not only feel good about our changes here, but are encouraged to make some "green" changes of their own!"

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