• When to See a Chaplain

  • If you are planning a hospital stay and don't know whether you should contact a chaplain here is some helpful information, shared by Avista Adventist Hospital pastoral care department, that may help you decide:

    • You would like someone to pray with you for extra strength.
    • You would like your community clergy person to come and visit, but you don't know how to contact him or her.
    • You would like to have sacraments, such as communion, anointing, baptism or dedication for yourself or a child.
    • You have spiritual questions you would like to explore with someone.
    • You are going to have surgery or an important medical procedure and would like to have someone say a prayer with you.
    • You would like to talk to someone who is not a physician, nurse, or somehow involved in your physical care.
    • There is an ethical question that is bothering you and you would like a safe person to talk to.
    • You are wondering about where God is because you feel like God is not listening to your prayers.
    • You are scared and just want someone to be with you, and listen if necessary.
    • You are mourning a loss, and would like to find supportive resources in the hospital or your community.

    Please feel free to use the chapel, located on the first floor of the hospital behind our fireplace. It is open at all times and offers a quiet, reflective place to meditate, pray or worship

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