• Spiritual Care

  • It begins with a belief that as human beings we experience life as whole people, through our mind, body and soul. When something happens to any of these components of a person it affects another. What spiritual care has to offer is the recognition of this while caring for the soul. That intangible part of a person that is just as vitally important for wholeness and health as a beating heart. As our mission statement says, we believe this is truly manifested in the healing ministry of Christ. He who touched and healed people where they lived remains the same today, still revealed as those in our community are touched whether they work here or arrive as patients with families.


    We believe that one's spiritual resources are essential to his or her healing process, therefore we offer:

    • Daily visits with most if not all medical and surgical patients
    • 24-hour emergency intervention for patients and their families
    • Spiritual counseling with active listening
    • Community referrals
    • For our Catholic patients who would like Holy Communion, we have daily visits by Eucharistic Ministers from the Ave Maria parish.

    Please visit the following links for additional information and resources. For questions and concerns regarding spiritual care, contact  Chaplain Mike Hansen .

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