• Hospital Bills and Insurance

  • Parker

  • Your hospital bill reflects all of the services you receive during your stay. Charges fall into two categories: a basic daily rate (your room, meals, nursing care, housekeeping, telephone and television) and charges for special services that your physician may order for you such as imaging or laboratory tests.

    Parker Adventist Hospital will bill your insurance company as a courtesy and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. Please remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and you have the final responsibility for payment of your hospital bill. We have several payment options available to you.

    You will receive separate bills from your physician and any consulting physicians. Any services performed by hospital-based specialists, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, or pathologists, will be billed separately and sent to your home after your discharge. Please remember, you must file separate claim forms with your insurance company if these medical services are covered by your policy.

  • Children's

  • If your child is seen as a Children's Hospital patient you will receive a bill from The Children's Hospital. Depending upon special services rendered you may also receive a bill from Parker Adventist Hospital.

    If there are any questions or problems about bills from The Children's Hospital you can send an email to PFS@tchden.org . Please include the patient's name as it appears on the statements or letters. If you can include the account number and the date of service a Children's Hospital representative can locate the information quickly. You may also phone them at 303-861-6422 or 1-800-624-6553 x6422.

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