• Requirements for Volunteering

  • Volunteer_3Volunteer service is a responsibility that requires a definite commitment of time, energy and desire to serve, and therefore requires preparation, orientation and training. Because of the nature of care being delivered at the hospital, all volunteers are carefully screened and placed into appropriate assignments, and each volunteer must adhere to standard policies and procedures.

    The placement process includes:

    • Prospective volunteers must be at least 16 years of age
    • Commit to a four hour volunteer shift, one day a week, for a minimum of six months (minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service in one year)

    Prospective volunteers must also complete the following before receiving a service assignment:

    • Attend a  volunteer information session
    • Complete the volunteer application (provided at the information session) and provide two non-family member references.
    • Complete the medical health screening provided by our employee health nurse including:
      • TB Blood Draw
      • Flu Vaccination (Vaccines are given October – December)
    • Pass a background check

    This process is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and families, as well as the confidence and success of volunteers. 

    Once this process is complete, volunteers will shadow the area of interest. Once a position is agreed upon by both sides, the volunteer will attend an onboard meeting where they will receive a written service description outlining their assignment and tasks.

    Volunteers will then:

    • Training for their specific volunteer position.
    • ID badge and uniform.
      • Volunteers are required to wear a blue smock or vest with a white shirt, ID badge, black dress pants or skirt, and closed toed shoes
    • Attend regularly scheduled safety training and volunteer meetings
    • Remain current with provided biennial TB skin testing and annual flu vaccinations.
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