• Healing Arts

  • Creating a healing journey through art.

    A Journey For The Spirit

    Since the opening of Parker Adventist Hospital, the Healing Arts program has provided patients, family members, staff members and the community with an environment that calms and revives the senses during times of stress and anxiety.

    The Healing Arts program includes visual arts, music, nature and community outreach. All components feature local artists. This program is fully supported by community donations and profits from the hospital's gift shop.

    Healing Arts through Music at Parker Hospital in Colorado


    Music is now a recognized medical therapy, proven to reduce blood pressure, respiratory rates and the self-reported need for pain medication. At Parker Adventist Hospital, trained music therapists are an integral part of our healing practice. Musicians perform at bedside and in key areas, including pre-op and oncology. In addition to bedside music therapy, the hospital also hosts concerts in our main lobby. Past performers include teachers and students from the Douglas Elbert Music Teachers Association and the University Of Denver Lamont School Of Music as well as other regional musicians.

    Visual Arts

    Complementing the Adventist belief in the soothing power of nature, the hospital is filled with permanent art reflecting nature and blending beautifully with the natural materials used in the architecture. In addition to art in common areas, every patient room features a soothing piece of art.

    Parker Adventist Hospital also has dedicated three galleries to house temporary collections. These galleries display art from local artists, galleries and schools supporting a healing theme, such as strength, hope, peace or serenity.

    Healing Arts Program at Parker Hospital in Colorado

    Holistic Healing

    Helping to heal the body by tending the spirit. Step inside Parker Adventist Hospital and you'll immediately know that you are in a hospital like none other. From the soaring fireplace to the soft sounds of a grand piano, every element at Parker Adventist Hospital is intended to nurture the healing journey of our patients.

    The Healing Arts program at Parker Adventist Hospital uses many expressions of art including paintings, music and nature to revitalize the mind, body and spirit of our patients, families, visitors and staff.

    Download a full list of our Healing Arts program.

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