• Our Gift to the Community

  • Building a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Parker families will soon have a new place to exercise. In celebration of its 10th year in the community, Parker Adventist Hospital teamed up with the Town of Parker to build an outdoor fitness path along the Sulphur Gulch Trail just south of Town Hall.  The hospital donated funds to purchase seven Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations that will form the basis of the fitness circuit. The Town is expected to complete installation along the trail by mid-February.

    "We are grateful to be part of this community, and we wanted to make a meaningful gift that would be enjoyed by the community and help families stay healthy," says Morre Dean, president and CEO of Parker Adventist Hospital. "Our mission is not just to take care of people when they are ill but also to help them stay healthy in the first place. We think this gift is right in line with our mission." 

    The equipment is designed by Denmark-based Norwell, which was founded by a family to build community fitness equipment that helps develop an active and healthy lifestyle naturally.

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