• 10 Year Anniversary

  • Parker Adventist Hospital

    On February 3, 2004, we opened our doors with a clear mission - to care for the injured and ill in a manner modeled for us by Jesus. Today, we're proud to nurture the health of our community by offering comprehensive health care services, including the most complex surgeries and medical treatments available.

    Serving the needs of those in our community has taken a million different acts of excellence, compassion and caring - and we recognize and are grateful for each and every one.

    • Thank you to our more than 1,000 associates who embody our mission and values as we try to love and heal those in need
    • Thank you to our 900+ providers who have brought the brightest minds and kindest hearts to our patients.
    • Thank you to our 300+ volunteers who give so much without asking for anything in return.
    • Thank you to Centura Health and Adventist Health System for providing the support to expand our mission to more and more people each day.
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Growth & Innovation

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